The fishery provides a mixture of pleasure and match angling on new and established water

The Lakes

Birchhouse Lakes consists of seven picturesque still water lakes set in a beautiful, tranquil spot on the outskirts of Ednaston just off the A52 between Derby and Ashbourne.

13 different species of fish including carp, bream, tench and roach are fished from 200 pegs and an 80 peg silver fish match lake.

These fishing lakes are professionally maintained and well stocked. There are disabled facilities, good car parks, toilets and excellent refreshments.

The Lakes


About two acres holding 35 pegs. A popular pole and waggler water, also good to fish the swimfeeder or method feeder in the deeper water. The biggest fish in the water are common and mirror carp. Kingfisher is also stocked with F1 hybrids between 1lb and 1lb 8oz, some Crucian Carp over 2lb.

For silver fish anglers roach and rudd average 12oz, perch up to 3lb, bream 8lb and tench up to 4lb.


Three quarters of an acre with 14 pegs, popular because of the large number of common and mirror carp. There are also leather carp plus tench.

Osprey is more secluded than Kingfisher.


One acre with 28 pegs stocked with good sized mirror and common carp, Old English Crucian Carp to over 3lb, bream to 8lb, tench to 4lb plus.

Heron is popular on both the pole and the waggler and occasionally fishing a feeder or bomb.


Opened in spring 2007 stocked solely with carp, 26 concreted pegs set 10 metres apart, Horseshoe has been designed so that matches can take place with room left for pleasure anglers.

Horseshoe has banks which slope at 45 degrees down to between 6 and 8 feet. Most popular technique is the pole.

There are four islands planted with lily pads, Horseshoe Lake has its own car park with space for 25 vehicles.

Doughnut A circular lake with central island, the Doughnut is the oldest lake on the Birch House complex ideal for pole or waggler producing common and mirror carp to over 16lb.

Silver Fish Lake

There are two Silver Fish Lakes both canal style ideal for pole fishing although the large rectangular section at one end is suitable for waggler, swimfeeder or ledger fishing.

The waters are heavily stocked with a selection of silver fish: Roach and rudd to 1lb 8oz, bream to 8lb, perch and chub to 1lb, green and golden tench to 2lb and blue & golden orfe and ide.

There are 80 concreted pegs. A depth up to 8 feet this water is particularly suited to the winter. It is an ideal match and pleasure venue.